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Specifics about our Refurbishment Service

Relaxing spaces in Basement, London

Our team specialise in full and partial house refurbishments, here are some specifics about what that means in practice:

What is a Refurb?

A full or partial house refurbishment could include: bathroom installation; kitchen installation; new flooring; new skirtings and architraves; new radiators; full electrical rewiring; and full redecoration.

Refurbishment for Buyers

On purchasing a new home, many of our clients have opted for a full refurbishment prior to moving in and settling down. This is a great option to maximise the potential of your new home while putting your own stamp on your new property.

Refurbishment for Landlords and Sellers

Refurbing a house prior to putting the house up for sale or for rent is a great way to realise the full market potential of your house. This service can be tailored to provide maximum return on investment.

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Bringing light into Basement Kitchen, London

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