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Why a Kitchen Extension?

Modern kitchen extension, London

A beautiful, spacious kitchen is a definite luxury in London, where space is at a premium. As well as creating a family hub, a kitchen extension is a fantastic way to add value on to your home when you come to sell; a well-built extension can double your investment and ensure that your house sells quickly when you put it on the market.

The two most important rooms in a home are often the kitchen and bathroom; while bedrooms are regularly redecorated, updating these rooms is a larger undertaking so in many London homes these rooms are slightly older than the rest. A modern kitchen extension with a large seating area makes an impact on buyers and offers a wonderful entertaining space for when you have guests.

The Social Hub

The hearth has always been the centre of the home, which is why kitchen extensions have such a huge impact on family time and quality of life. Most kitchen extensions incorporate a seating area – whether it’s for formal dining or simply lounging. You could choose to take that further by adding a bar area or small wine cellar to your kitchen extension.

Natural Light

Commissioning your own extension means you are not limited by the existing design or window size, so you can flood your kitchen extension with natural light through a glazed extension, roof lights, or even a folding wall to unite the garden with your kitchen.

Bi-Fold Doors

Bi-fold doors are a real centre piece in kitchen extensions; they allow an uninterrupted view of the outdoors and let you open up the kitchen completely. Whether you want to feel the breeze in summer or open up our ground floor when entertaining, adding bi-fold doors to your extension will certainly achieve the effect that you want.

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